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All potato breeding selections, referred to as clones, go through a strenuous evaluation process before they are released as varieties. This process can take as many as 15 years and involves hundreds of tests. Tens of thousands of inferior selections are eliminated in the process, leaving only the best clones. Advanced clones have a high probability of being released as new varieties. These clones are evaluated by growers and users and require industry acceptance as part of the process prior to release. The Tri-State breeding program works closely with the industry and growers to evaluate all aspects of each advanced clone using a system of Material Transfer Agreements, referred to as MTAs. These allow for growers to get advanced lines, test them under field circumstances and allow for enough quantity to be built up so evaluations of processing traits can be considered under actual plant conditions. This stage of grower evaluation is conducted over several years while the advanced clone is still part of the Western Regional Trials.


Variety Marketing Qualities
Alpine Russet Alpine Russet (A9305-10) is a high yielding, medium to late maturing cultivar with oblong tubers, light russet skin and good processing quality following long-term storage.
Alpine Russet Seed Growers
Alturas Alturas (A82360-7) is used primarily for processing, with its light russeting limiting its use for fresh-pack; however, it has been rated highly for its culinary quality. It is notable for its high yields and solids, and coldsweetening resistance.
Alturas Seed Growers
Blazer Russet Blazer Russet (A8893-1) is an early-maturing, dual-purpose variety that has found a niche within the processing industry as a replacement for Shepody. Its attractive appearance and excellent culinary qualities also make it a good candidate for fresh pack.
Blazer Russet Seed Growers
Castle Russet Castle Russet (POR06V12-3) is a long, medium to late russet suitable for the fresh and processing markets with an exceptional disease resistance package including PVY and fusarium resistance. It has been highly rated for culinary quality.
Castle Russet Seed Growers
Classic Russet Classic Russet (A95109-1) is an early-maturing, russeted clone that produces a high percentage of U.S. No. 1 tubers. Its attractive tubers make it very suitable for use by the fresh-pack industry and could also be used as an early processor.
Classic Russet Seed Growers
Clearwater Russet Clearwater Russet (AOA95154-1) is medium-late maturing, with oblong-long tubers that have medium-russet skin. Tubers exhibit excellent fry color out of storage and their attractiveness make this variety suitable for both processing and fresh market usage.
Clearwater Russet Seed Growers
Defender Defender (A90586-11) is high yielding, lightly russeted, suitable for processing into French fries and other frozen potato products directly from the field or from short term storage. Defender may also be used for fresh markets.
Defender Russet Seed Growers
Echo Russet Echo Russet (AO96141-3) is a high yielding, long, medium to late russet with cold sweetening resistance and excellent processing qualities. It has resistance to Fusarium and Erwinia and good culinary qualities.
Echo Russet Seed Growers
Galena Russet Galena Russet (A03141-6) is a high yielding, medium to late French fry processing potato with attractive tubers, cold sweetening resistance, a high percent US No. 1 and high protein content.
Galenat Seed Growers
Gem Russet Gem Russet (A8495-1) is a medium to late maturing, medium to high yielding variety with long tuber type and medium russet skin. It is useful for both the fresh and processing markets.
Gem Russet Seed Growers
GemStar Russet GemStar Russet (A9014-2) is a dual purpose variety suitable for processing and fresh-pack usage. It has high U.S. No. 1 yields with very attractive tubers having few external defects and higher concentrations of Vitamin C and protein than other potato cultivars.
GemStar Russet Seed Growers
Highland Russet Highland Russet (A9045-7) is a mid to late season variety notable for its high yield of uniform, oblong-long, lightly russetted tubers. Shows good potential for the processing market, although its light skin may limit its acceptance on the fresh market.
Highland Russet Seed Growers
La Belle Russet La Belle Russet (A06021-1T), released in 2019, is an early to medium maturing variety with good early-season yields and dormancy comparable to Russet Burbank. La Belle Russet’s high early-season U.S. No. 1 yields, coupled with excellent culinary and nutritional qualities, also make it an excellent candidate for fresh market production.
La Belle Russet Seed Growers
Mountain Gem Russet Mountain Gem Russet (A03158-2TE1) is a medium to late maturing variety with both high early and full season total and U.S. No. 1 yields. Coupled with excellent culinary and nutritional qualities, this makes it an excellent candidate for fresh market production.
Mountain Gem Russet Seed Growers
Owyhee Russet Owyhee Russet (AO96160-3) is a medium to late maturing selection from Oregon with medium yields and long, medium heavily russetted tubers. An attractive tuber with high counts of US No.1.
Owyhee Russet Seed Growers
Palisade Russet Palisade Russet (A97066-42LB) produces oblong tubers with brown, lightly russeted skin and white flesh. Good candidate for organic production, fresh and processing market with Late Blight Resistance.
Palisade Russet Seed Growers
Payette Russet Payette Russet (A02057-2LB), medium skinned with excellent processing and disease resistance qualities, this is a full-season variety with higher yields of oblong, medium-russeted tubers. Payette has resistance to tuber malformations and most internal and external defects.
Payette Russet Seed Growers
Pomerelle Russet Pomerelle Russet (A02062-1TE) is a dual purpose russet, with a medium heavy russet and uniform tubers. Relative to industry standard varieties, it has greater resistance to soft rot, corky ringspot and tuber infections from late blight.
Pomerelle Russet Seed Growers
Premier Russet Premier Russet (A93157-6LS) tastes good and makes a fine looking tuber.  It is a mid to late season variety notable for its high yield of oblong-long medium russeted tubers.
Premier Russet Seed Growers
Rainier Russet Rainier Russet (AO06191-1) is a superior tasting potato with high fresh packout , an average tuber size of 10 oz. and long dormancy. Russet Norkotah, move over.
Rainier Russet Seed Growers
Sage Russet Sage Russet (AO96164-1) is currently in the process of being released. It has a medium-early maturity and produces long, somewhat flattened tubers with medium russetting.
Sage Russet Seed Growers
Targhee Russet Targhee Russet (A01010-1) produces a high yield of attractive, long tubers with medium-russeted skin. Targhee has significantly higher protein and vitamin C contents than those of most standard varieties.
Targhee Russet Seed Growers
Teton Russet Teton Russet (A0008-1TE) is a cross between Blazer Russet and Classic Russet. The tubers are oblong with moderate russet, good skin and shallow eyes.
Teton Russet Seed Growers



Variety Marketing Qualities
AmaRosa AmaRosa (POR01PG22-1) is a mid season long red fleshed fingerling for the fresh market with very high culinary quality.
AmaRosa Seed Growers
Becca Rose Becca Rose (NDA050237B-1R) is a medium to late maturing variety with round, attractive tubers having bright red skin and white flesh.
Huckleberry Gold Huckleberry Gold  (A99326-1PY) produces round to oval tubers with purple skin and yellow flesh noted  for its excellent culinary qualities and high level of antioxidants
Huckleberry Gold Seed Growers  
IdaRose IdaRose (A82705-1R) is a medium to late maturing selection with bright red skin and round tuber type for the fresh market. It is high yielding, has excellent eye appeal, and good culinary quality. It has long dormancy.
IdaRose Seed Growers  
Ivory Crisp Ivory Crisp (NDO1496-1) is an early chipping variety with high specific gravity and medium to high yield.  It has good cold chipping potential and long-term storage capability.
Ivory Crisp Seed Growers 


Mazama (NDO2686-6R) is an early maturing clone with oval, bright red skinned tubers suitable for table use and the red-skinned creamer market. Uniformly bright red skin color that does not fade in storage and has shallow eyes.
Mazama Seed Growers


Modoc (NDO4300-1R) is an early maturing, round to oval, red skinned clone suitable for fresh market use.  Tubers are a uniform bright skin color that does not fade in storage and has shallow eye depth.
Modoc Seed Growers
Purple Pelisse Purple Pelisse (POR01PG16-1) is a mid season specialty potato with purple skin and dark purple flesh. An excellent tasting colored fingerling, high in antioxidants, ideal for fresh fingerling market with few tuber defects.
Purple Pelisse Seed Growers
Red Sunset Red Sunset (AO93487-2R) produces high marketable yield with excellent fresh market quality. This bright red skinned, mid to early maturing variety also has high Vitamin C content.
Red Sunset Seed Growers
Smilin' Eyes Smilin' Eyes (POR02PG26-5) is a new variety released by the Tri-State Potato Research and Breeding team. It is an outstanding yellow fleshed, yellow skinned round tuber with pink “smilin’ eyes.”
Smilin' Eyes Seed Growers
TerraRossa TerraRossa (POR01PG20-12) was released in 2012. A mid season specialty potato with red skin and red flesh. Unique among commercially available varieties for the oblong tubers have very high culinary quality.
TerraRossa Seed Growers


Willamette (AO91812-1) is a high yielding round white variety with excellent chipping qualities.
Willamette Seed Growers 
Yukon Gem Yukon Gem (NDA5507-3Y) is a mid-season selection with light-yellow flesh and higher yield potential than Yukon Gold (its paternal parent). It produces round to oval, light yellow skin with pink splash around the eyes. The eyes are intermediate in depth and number and are evenly distributed.
Yukon Gem Seed Growers
Yukon Nugget Yukon Nugget (POR02PG37-2) is a better yielding replacement for Yukon Gold.  It produces round tubers with yellow skin and small red eyes. The eyes are intermediate in depth and number well distributed. Tubers are smaller than Yukon Gold but have a more even size distribution..
Yukon Nugget Seed Growers

PVMI, the Potato Variety Management Institute, is a non-profit, grower controlled company responsible for promoting and administering the new potato varieties out of the Tri-State Breeding Program (Idaho, Oregon and Washington). In order to grow any of the newly released (or existing) PVMI varieties (see table at the end of the article), a sub-license needs to be in place. In order to grow any of the advanced clones for field evaluation an MTA must be in place. If you are not a current PVMI licensee a participation fee (equivalent to the annual license) is required in addition to the MTA. License fees are dependent on the location of the seed grower. For more information please call PVMI at (541) 318-1485.

Tri-State Varieties Not Administered by PVMI


Variety Marketing Qualities
Umatilla Russet Umatilla  Russet (AO82611-7) a moderately late maturing variety especially suitable for processing and fresh market use.

The contact for licensing and royalty payments is
Western Russet Western Russet (A7961-1) is a multi-purpose variety that produces medium to high yields of oblong tubers with medium russet skin suitable for processing and fresh market use with higher concentrations of Vitamin C than Russet Burbank.