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Payette Russet / A02507-2LB  promo download (PDF)

Payette Russet

Payette Russet, known as A02507-2LB prior to release, is a full-season variety with high yields of oblong, medium-russeted tubers. It has cold-sweetening resistance, significantly lower reducing sugars and produces consistently lighter fry color than the industry standards. The lower reducing sugar content of Payette Russet also contributes to low acrylamide concentrations in its processed potato products.

Payette Russet has resistance to tuber malformations and most internal and external defects. It has foliar and tuber resistance to late blight, as well as resistance to Verticillium wilt, corky ringspot, early blight, common scab, and PVY.

Dormancy length for Payette Russet tubers is approximately 165 days when stored at 42°F, 135 days at 45°F, and 120 days at 48°F. Payette Russet had significantly higher susceptibility to Fusarium dry rot as compared to Russet Burbank.




Payette Russet

Management Guideines for Payette Russet   file download (PDF)

University of Idaho Storage Management of Payette Russet file download (PDF)

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