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Mountain Gem Russet / A03158-2TE1  promo download (PDF)

High yields, coupled with excellent culinary and nutritional qualities
<ountain Gem

Mountain Gem Russet, known as A03158-2TE prior to release, is a medium to late maturing variety having both high early and full season yields. Its oblong-long, medium-russeted tubers have higher protein content than those of standard potato varieties.

Mountain Gem’s high U.S. No. 1 yields, coupled with excellent culinary and nutritional qualities, make it an excellent candidate for fresh market production.

It has greater resistance to tuber late blight, tuber malformations and most internal and external defects than Russet Burbank and maintains acceptable reducing sugar concentrations and fry quality when stored at 48oF and shows good potential for early processing.

Dormancy length of Mountain Gem tubers was short to moderate. Approximate dormancy length across a range of storage temperatures was 120 days at 42°F, 90 days at 45°F, and 70 days at 48°F.

Mountain Gem

Management Guidelines for Mountain Gem Russet  file download (PDF)

Cultural Management Recommendations for the Columbia Basin of WA and OR for Mountain Gem Russet  file download (PDF)



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