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Klamath Russet / AO85165-1


Klamath Russet -  Photo by Steve James

Photo by Steve James

Klamath Russet (AO85165-1) is a late-maturing, high-yielding, blocky, russet-skinned variety suitable for fresh market.  Sugars are typically too high and solids too low for satisfactory frozen processing.  It consistently produces higher total yields and much higher No.1 yields and larger tubers than either Russet Burbank or Russet Norkotah. Hollow heart and brown center are less common in Klamath Russet than in Russet Burbank, but hollow heart is often present in oversized tubers. Klamath Russet is susceptible to growth cracking.  Blackspot bruising and vascular discoloration are slightly more common in Klamath Russet than in Russet Burbank and Russet Norkotah.

Klamath Russet tubers are darker colored, more heavily russetted, and more uniform in shape and size than Russet Burbank and nearly as uniform and attractive as Russet Norkotah in short-season western sites; tubers are blocky with slightly lower length/width ratios than either of the other two varieties.  Klamath Russet should be planted closer than Russet Burbank to avoid excessive tuber size and increased risk of hollow heart.

  Klamath Russet vines mature slightly later than Russet Burbank. It is moderately resistant to Verticillium wilt and very resistant to common scab. It is very susceptible to potato leafroll virus (PLRV); susceptible to net necrosis caused by PLRV, foliar and tuber infection by late blight, and Fusarium dry rot; and moderately susceptible to early blight and Erwinia soft rot.  Klamath Russet is susceptible to corky ringspot caused by tobacco rattle virus.

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