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Exclusive Opportunities

The Tri-State Research and Breeding Program releases only a portion of the lines that make it through the 10 to 15 year development and selection process. The lines included here, although they have excellent characteristics, have not been released as their market is not clear. They are however available for commercial marketing.

These lines can be trialed under an MTA. A PVMI annual sub-license will be required if the trial is to be included in seed certification.

If you are interested to trial any of these lines please contact PVMI to obtain a Material Transfer Agreement, (MTA) and any other necessary paperwork. After trialing, should you wish to obtain exclusive rights for this line, a process has been established by the PVMI Board.

Click on the PDF link below the photograph for initial information about the variety.


PDF (PDF) A05180-3PY




PDF (PDF) NDA050237B-1R




PDF (PDF) A00286-3Y




PDF (PDF) A05182-7Y

(PDF) Additional Information

PDF (PDF) COA07365-4RY

(PDF) Additional Information

PVMI, the Potato Variety Management Institute, is a non-profit, grower controlled company responsible for promoting and administering the new potato varieties out of the Tri-State Breeding Program (Idaho, Oregon and Washington). In order to grow any of the newly released (or existing) PVMI varieties a sub-license needs to be in place. In order to grow any of the advanced clones for field evaluation an MTA must be in place. If you are not a current PVMI licensee a participation fee (equivalent to the annual license) is required in addition to the MTA. License fees are dependent on the location of the seed grower. For more information please see Getting Started, or call PVMI at (541) 318-1485.